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House rules

General notice and mandatory information

1. Scope of application The house rules determine the rights and obligations of visitors when entering and during the event at Westbad Leipzig and in the associated areas. In individual cases, further additional regulations can be announced. Within the building, the instructions of Westbad Leipzig staff must be followed without restriction and without delay. 2. Protection of minors The provisions of the Youth Protection Act apply. 3.Behavior inside the building, violation of house rules Westbad Leipzig is a listed building. All facilities are to be treated with care and consideration. Attaching information or advertising material to the walls is prohibited. Westbad Leipzig is entitled to ban visitors in the event of violation of house rules or to take other suitable measures within the framework of house rules to prevent interference. Visitors can be expelled from events if they are a disturbance, annoy other visitors or if they are inappropriate in any other way. Entry can be completely refused from the outset if there is a reasonable assumption that a guest will disturb the performance or annoy other visitors (e.g. obviously inebriated). It is forbidden to take along any items which, due to their size, equipment or function, even after the assessment of the staff, could impair the event or other visitors. These include, for example, weapons of any kind, noisy instruments, containers with hazardous contents (propellant gases etc.), containers made of fragile or splintering material, fireworks. Bringing food and drinks into the venue is prohibited. Mobile phones and other devices of all kinds that emit acoustic or optical signals may only be taken into the performance if they are switched off. It is forbidden to bring animals of any kind, with the exception of guide dogs. The entire building area of Westbad Leipzig is a non-smoking area. Smoking is only permitted in the specifically designated smoking areas. In the event of a fire or other dangerous situations, visitors are obliged to leave the building immediately via the nearest exit, in particular the marked emergency exits. 4. Cloakroom Cloakroom items (coats, jackets, other items of clothing) should be left in the cloakroom and not taken into the auditorium. It is prohibited to bring umbrellas, bags, rucksacks or similar with an approx. size of  40 x 40 x 20 cm. When handing in cloakroom items, one cloakroom ticket is issued per person. For further, additional cloakroom items, the person receives an additional receipt. Stored cloakroom items are only handed over against return of the cloakroom ticket or receipts, but without further verification of authorization. If the cloakroom ticket / receipt is lost, the cloakroom items can only be returned after all other visitors have picked up their cloakroom items. A loss of the cloakroom ticket must be reported to the cloakroom staff immediately, stating the name, address and telephone number of the visitor. In this case, the visitor is obliged to pay the cloakroom staff €2.50 for the lost cloakroom ticket. Visitors are required not to leave any items such as ID cards, credit cards, cash, keys, cell phones, valuables, jewelry, etc. in the cloakroom. The cloakroom service offered by Westbad Leipzig does not relate to the storage of such items, but exclusively to the cloakroom item accepted against the issue of a cloakroom ticket/receipt. The visitor bears the risk of loss or damage to all items left in the cloakroom items. This also expressly applies if these are left in cloakroom items such as bags, rucksacks, etc. Westbad Leipzig accepts no liability for this. 5. Seating Re-entry after the performance has started may, for security reasons and in the interests of the artists and other visitors, only be admitted to the hall or re-admitted during the break and without entitlement to the purchased seat. Westbad Leipzig reserves the right to change seats due to production. Claims for reimbursement from this are excluded, unless it is converted to a place lower in the price category. 6. Image and sound recordings Image and sound recordings of performances or other events at Westbad Leipzig are strictly prohibited for reasons of copyright. In the event that Westbad Leipzig records an event, the visitors agree that they may be photographed or recorded and that these recordings may be published or used without any claim of remuneration. 7.Lost property The loss of property must be reported to the security staff immediately. Lost property will be kept by Westbad Leipzig for a period of three months and then handed over to the responsible public lost property office. Applicable as of: January 27, 2020

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