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An Eventlocation in Bauhaus style
Westbad Leipzig

The mighty brick facade of the historic Westbad indoor swimming pool on the Lindenauer Markt became known as the “Western Wall” after it opened in Leipzig. But every new era heralds in a new form and so began the Bauhaus era. Westbad soon became a part of architectural history with its futuristic and innovative style and thus an exclusive part of the history of the city, an example of cultural philosophy turned into stone, an original.

In the very same building where the people of Leipzig once learned to swim, you will now find a modern event location that leaves nothing to be desired. Extensively refurbished, decked with high-quality equipment and with an extraordinary flair, we will help you bring your idea to life.


Your contact person

Wenke Gillner-Fiedler
Event manager

We can bring your idea to life, whilst keeping it as straightforward as possible for you. See for yourself. Call or write.

Tel.: 0341 39 29 54 – 68

E-Mail: wenke@westbad-leipzig.de

Events and COVID-19

Thanks to digital technologies, you can hold your event despite COVID-19 – as a hybrid event or completely virtual. Both options are currently available, they even allow you to reach new target groups or to record your event and use the recording afterwards.

Our virtual events in Westbad will leave your viewers impressed:


Taking “full service”
to the next level

My team and I are happy to help you with the planning & implementation of your individual event. Feel free to contact us in advance by e-mail or phone without obligation.

Tel.: +49 0341 39 29 54 – 68

E-Mail: wenke@westbad-leipzig.de